Breathing procedures in viral infections

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Hi, Maciej Szyszka here - mastering body and mind. I am a physiotherapist and breathing trainer. Professionally I work with athletes and people suffering from respiratory illnesses. In this piece I’d like to introduce you to steps you can take to reduce your body’s risk of getting a viral infection. By this I mean, of course, droplet transmitted pathogens. If you do get infected, you can act to relieve your symptoms. Learning certain basic techniques will also enable you to take up treatment post respiratory illness, which will facilitate faster recovery. The techniques presented here are a wonderful complement to treatment. Note though, that they are not a remedy for all ailments, but rather a very helpful method that reduces the risk of infections and increases the chances of your respiratory system’s full recovery. As a child, I myself went through a bout of severe pneumonia, which resulted in a month-long hospital stay. In those moments, I experienced firsthand the importance of respiratory training in maintaining and later restoring regular lung functions.

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